By being a warrior you will harmonize the Present-Past and Present-Future

Yoga is also wisdom in Action. It allows us to integrate Spirit-Soul, with Mind-Body. Such connectedness of physical world with the metaphysical through Self, allows us to fill our inner space when music´s silence is expressed with movements, harmonized by the flowing rhythm of Pranayama. With each inhalation, the outside world is an intrinsic extension of our Being and with each exhalation, what has been given to us, reverts to back to the Cosmos. -

Flowing while in search of the Melody allows us to co-create. To feel the different levels of vibration. It invites to the Here and the Now. With such mindfulness, you appreciate the world upside down and become a child once again and then a dog, and then a cat and fly like a dove or crawl like a lizard; All in One in Awareness.

Yoga fills your all senses. It sets them free. It makes one feel like anything is possible; there are no boundaries. As if you are One with Life and with All in its expressions, including the unknown —the unexplored dimensions—. Becoming a Warrior allows you to harmonize the Present-Past with the Present-Future and understand Distance…

This is also what Yoga means to me in this my short Life: I see an opportunity to continue to discover myself every new day. To become —by understanding that I understand— who I really am and how I may be able to transcend. To Live in meaningful ways and allow reality —through subtle details—, to lead me to freedom through my intelligence, reasonableness and willingness to Love amidst apparent chaos; activities represented by thousands of dispositions that I have chosen to represent in this Masterpiece opportunity for growth and I understand as life. To seek peace and stability while listening to The Voice Within resonating in Self. Reminding me that everything is much more profound, that there is a safe place available, where everything is Complete; in Oneness.

As I´m captivated by these findings, evolution within continues, realizing the value of my on-going transformational processes. These are the main reasons why I have chosen to make part of my life purpose and Be-come a Vinyasa Flow Master. From this new space-awareness, by practicing Yoga I do want to share enthusiastically with others what has thus far been given to me. I want to contribute with the commitment of Peace betrothed in Colombia. To learn how to deal with fears without violence. To open our Will, Minds and Hearts to new ways of connecting without leaving the others out of the equation. Through daily examples show others that we have fantastic scenarios to create of what is indeed possible in the Future of Change.

I choose the Mahi Power Yoga 200 hours training program for teachers due to the methodology, the curriculum content and because of the location in the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand.

Sincerely Yours,

Karen Morales

A potential Yogi

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